_DSC0968Our Financial Management trainings are designed to respond to the skills and knowledge requirments of your business and your managemnent team. We equip your team with tools that will enable them to respond to any challenges your business may face whether you are a start-up, growth or expansion stage business. We help enterprises to run professionally and efficiently.

THE ADVERTWe use practical tools which we refer to as “foundation stones” to help business owners build their businesses brick by brick from the foundations up. Our courses have been designed to assist business owners manage their businesses through out the year as we offer FOUR courses i.e. One per quarter, namely;

Each of these courses have modules on a variety of topics,this allows business owners to register for the modules that best meet their needs.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, we know that our courses introduce concepts that are new to business owners, “Changing habits does not happen overnight”, so our Client Accounting Services and Business Advisory team provide ongoing support in order to help business owners to implement their action points successfully.

What Business Owners love about our trainings:

  1. Facilitators
All our facilitators hold strong academic qualifications, backed by experience from working in small and medium sized enterprises and large corporations that include national and international organizations.

 2. Simulation and Case studies

Live data from your own accounting system is used during our trainings to ensure that you are able to apply and experiment with the theoretical concepts taught. Case Studies are based on your own experience/challenges as a business.

 3. Action Planning

We assist you and your staff to develop your company action plans on how to implement your key learning’s and use the tools (“foundation stones”) from the training in your day to day work.

 4. Mentorship and coaching

We provide you with 12 weeks mentorship support to support you in implementing your company action plans and to assess the impact of your plans on your effectiveness at work.