Usually the focus of the business changes as it moves through the various stages in the business growth cycle, and these courses are specially designed for businesses that have been around for more than 3 years. Businesses should continually identify opportunities for growth and innovation to ensure enterprise sustainability and expansion. Growth can be measured by looking at: turnover, Market Share, Profits and  Staff Numbers. However, determining which parameter delivers the most accurate picture of the business’ performance depends on the type of business and requires certain business finance skills.

The courses under this segment equip business owners with what to look out for in order to ensure smooth business operations in turbulent times of growth, thus fostering the much needed business success during this crucial stage in business.
SME Accounting Services offers the following range of tailored financial training courses for businesses at growth stage aimed at improving business performance in a highly uncertain and volatile business environment associated with the growth stage in the business lifecycle.

Growth Training Courses include:

  1. Managing a sustainable business-Jan-Mar

    As a business grows there is need to pick out what works, what doesn’t and what is important in order to maintain that growth or move to the next level, the aim of our course is to help Growth stage businesses to manage their working capital, get into the practice of continuously measuring and managing important aspects of their financial statements and incorporating the changes in the environment into their planning.

  2. Managing Taxes for Sustainability-Apr-Jun

    Managing taxes are important for any business that intends to be sustainable. By the time a business is hitting its 3rd year it should have known the tax obligations unique to it, but in some instances there may be need to register for different taxes as the taxes earlier registered for may not be applicable. Our trainings are set to help Growth stage businesses understand what new taxes they may need to register for, the tax online platform and tax planning strategies for taxes for the coming years.

  3. Transforming your business-Jul-Sep

    Many businesses that have experienced growth tend to be comfortable with were they are and this eventually leads to stagnation. Our course tries to help businesses at the growth stage understand that while one business could be stagnant a competitor could be chewing into their market share by creating additional value to their products and services. Thus we focus on how it is the responsibility of the business leader to ensure that they are at the top of or in control of the transformation by ensuring that they have the right leadership skills that determine the success or failure of transformation, put systems & processes in place in order to actualise the process and understand the finances for growth that will enable successful transformation.

  4. Sustainable business planning-Oct-Dec

    Many Growth stage businesses argue that there is no need to change things that have worked well in the past let alone spending weeks to plan for things that cannot be accurately predicted. Our course tries to change that perception by bringing to the table the need for running a business with planned courses of action that foster success. This being done by equipping participants with skills and easy to use tools to build operational plans that steam from the strategic plan then translate the plans to numbers and putting together a great team to actualise those plans.