In-house training provides a more personal, tailored approach to meeting your training needs. Our programmes are delivered by business experts specifically for your staff at your chosen location. To drive your business forward, we consult with you regarding your organisation’s needs, and work with industry experienced speakers to create a unique training solution that meets your desired outcomes.

If you have an in-house training request or enquiry please email

or call us on 0211-297050.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Many of our clients use in-house training courses to meet the CPD needs of their professionally qualified accountants.


Training venue

Don’t have the space internally? No problem! We can source a suitable local venue for you within your budget.

Training equipment

Our trainers have all their own training equipment to deliver their courses. If you have a data projector and flip chart then great. If not we can provide.

Ideas for in-house training courses

We offer a selection of 12 existing financial training courses, use the menu of the right to browse. These often provide the starting point for discussions with our clients.