The internship program is intended to be educational, inspirational, and purposeful. All interns are mentored by a Client Accountant  in order to ensure a quality level of learning for our interns and exposure to supervisory experience for our Client Accountant. At the end of the program interns should have a significant list of accomplishments to add to their CV and set them apart from other candidates in their field.

Our internship programme is beneficial for the interns, our clients and the firm: for the interns to gain experience that allows them to have a good start to their career, and for SME Accounting Services Ltd to gain relevant feedback on our work, our services, and our processes.

Our internship program places a strong emphasis on corporate culture. Throughout the 12 week program, interns will work side by side with their Client Accountant on both short and long term assignments that all tie back to the larger strategic goals of the client and the business owner.

The program includes weekly status updates/presentations on the client’s performance that provides the interns the chance to learn how our work assists the clients in creating strong foundations for their business.

We are confident that our internship program provides graduate accountants a strong foundation for entry-level accountancy positions for our clients and other corporations.


The internship program is designed for a duration of twelve weeks or three months. Recruitment is done once every three months.

Mode of Application

Positions will be posted to our page every three months. We encourage as many as possible to apply. To sign up for our Internship Requests, simply fill in the online form and you will be considered when internship vacancies are available. We look forward to seeing you there!

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