Our Services

SME Accounting Services is not like your traditional accounting firm, we provide support at different stages of your business development and play a number of diverse roles within your business. Our approach helps entrepreneurs acquire the necessary financial management skills that would enable more Zambian businesses to survive and grow. Our Client Accountants are professionally qualified members of staff who will enable you to concentrate on your business itself,  instead of spending time tackling financial matters.

We work with the best providers and networks to bring SMEs our accounting and consulting services.

bronzeThere are five stages in the development of a business. Every entrepreneur needs to know what stage they’re at, as they will have to consider an element of financial management to give their business the best chance of surviving and achieving its full potential. We focus on the Start-up, Growth & Expansion stages of a business.


Our accounting, business advisory, finance management trainings and access to finance services support our clients  through several key stages of a business’ development.

customer-serviceOur clients range in all sectors of the Zambian economy – from Health and Fitness to Farming inputs and motor vehicles and they come in all sizes. Of course, each has varying needs and the expertise we offer covers them all. We pride ourselves on taking the time to really get to know you our clients and your business, working with you hand in hand and helping you better understand your business. This is because understanding what makes up your business enables us to employ solutions that specifically meet your business needs.

Securing finance from banks is difficult for most Zambian SMEs and cashflow issues are often inherent in most small businesses. SME Accounting Services plays a crucial role in getting your business in shape for securing funding from various financiers, which can mean the difference between failure and survival. Our services ensure your business day to day financial management systems are established on solid foundations. By the time you decide to apply for any kind of funding, your chances of success will be greatly improved.  Our services ensure you can achieve faster, more sustainable growth – for longer.