There are literally thousands of accountants from which you can choose for your business needs. Finding the right accounting resource and knowing that it is the best choice shouldn’t be a game of chance. After all, your business can’t afford to take chances.

Selecting a Professional SME Accountant is the wise choice. Like you, SME Accountants are small business owners dealing with the same daily tasks of managing a business, bringing in new clients, and paying bills. We know the challenges our small business clients face and, more importantly, we’ve figured out the best way to manage our clients to ensure success and provide the greatest level of customer service to our clients.

Secondly, we bring together some of the best and brightest small business accounting, payroll, tax, and financial advisory professionals in the country with one goal in mind – your small business’ success. Through an extensive network of business and tax professionals, our members have at their disposal all of the resources necessary to provide information, answer questions, and help their clients run more profitable and successful enterprises.

Not only do we want our clients to trust in us, but we feel that it is our role to help educate clients on the best practices for business profitability. To that end we spend time with our clients, providing education, information, and timely data to help them make the most strategic business decisions possible.

Everything you need under one roof.

Many small business accountants only handle one aspect of business finance. You may see one consultant for accounting, another for taxes, a third for payroll and even a fourth for business consulting and forecasting. When you hire a SME Accountant, you’ll receive all aspects of small business finance and accounting located under one roof, and with one, easy-to-budget fee.

SME Accountants members embrace a deep-rooted philosophy for success. By tapping into resources on a local, regional and national level, SME Accountants members bring the strength of many to each client relationship. When you hire a SME Accountant, you gain access to a nationwide network and knowledge base of business, finance, tax and payroll experts.

What makes a SME Accountant the best choice for your company?

  • We’re small business owners just like you.

That means that we can relate to the same pain points you have in your business while helping you navigate the obstacles and increase profitability.

Nationwide Resources

SME Accountant members bring the collective resources of a nation-wide network of Certified Public Accountants, Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents and other practitioners available to answer your questions and streamline your business accounting.

We utilize a fundamentally sound accounting system

  • Monthly operating statements provide a breakdown of sales, cost of sales, and expenses to give a snapshot of where your business stands and where it’s going.
  • Balance sheets – Beyond simply providing balance sheets and numbers, we’ll sit and explain their relevance so you can understand what’s ‘behind’ the figures.
  • General ledger reporting – all reports are validated and accurate
  • Rapid response to your questions and concerns

Business Advisory

Planning for expansion, establishing business units and even creating a succession plan are all part of a SME ACCOUNTANT’s guidance and expertise.

Budgetable Fees

Fixed all-inclusive fee structures mean that there won’t be any surprises

Payroll Processing

With ever-changing legislation changes to payroll taxes, managing this task yourself can be confusing and costly if mistakes are made. Using a SME Accountant to handle your payroll ensures that your taxes will be correctly withheld and paid and an orderly system of reporting will be in place.

Tax Planning and Preparation

More than just year-end tax preparation, a SME Accountant is a year-long partner for tax planning. The ongoing relationship will help your business plan for tax payments as well as take advantage of deductions and legal tax shelters so you can keep more of your hard-earned money.

It’s all about being profitable

To manage your business profitably, you need the right financial data, advice and services. However, you may not have knowledge, ability or time to do it all yourself – and if you do, that still might not be the best or most cost-effective use of your time.  Not only are we experienced in our field, but we can offer you the one thing you can’t generate yourself – time. Let us review your business’ accounting and see where we can free additional time in your work week so you can get back to doing what you love.

Our accounts can provide you with the accounting, consulting, payroll, tax services, and other business services you need to profitably manage and grow your company. We want to be part of your success. Count on our members to listen, give you top priority, and respond promptly with cost-effective services specifically suited to your personal capabilities and business needs.

Are you ready to jump start your business?

Finding a SME Accountant member accountant is just a click of a mouse away. Visit the Find an Accountant section on the smeaccountingservices.com web site and simply enter your province and town.