Business Planning has a lot to do with what will eventually happen in and to a business in the coming periods or years, if carefully done with much thought on what could possibly work it acts as a road map to achieving your business dreams and actualizing your vision.

sustainable business planning

The Sustainable Business Planning Course, will help owner managers of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and senior management employees involved in the strategic planning and day to day implementation of the company’s goals and objectives in order to take charge of their destiny by establishing long term goals and objectives that are aligned with their 2018 operational plan and budget. It focuses on the forth coming year and aims to jump start the planning process for organizations who many not have been accustomed to planning and budgeting for their business.

This highly practical course will teach you how to plan for your organization so that you can achieve your organization’s goals and objectives including how to budget, conduct a cash flow analysis, and perform several other finance-related functions. Our course includes prompts to help business owners to consider how to build a sustainable as well as a long-life business

This course is made available between October and December, with reference to our events calendar on the exact dates.