The word “transformation” has different meanings for different individuals and companies. In a world of unprecedented disruption and market turbulence, transformation revolves around the need to create value – unlock new opportunities, drive new growth, deliver new efficiencies. It’s not enough to seat back and let transformation just happen.


          “There’s no harder job at any stage for a business owner than transformation.”

Business transformation provides the opportunity to define bold ambition that goes beyond incremental change- the opportunity to rethink your business and operating model to deliver breakthrough value. It involves strategic decisions that affect where you’ll grow, how your organisation operates, and what kinds of performance improvement you can expect.

As a business owner there are many things that you must do in any transformation, including:
• Defining the ambition;
• Energizing the organization;
• Preparing, launching, and driving the transformation.
• Restructuring and realigning operations,
• Deciding new pricing strategies,
• Business modelling, and addressing other financially related areas.

Having most of the responsibility on you as the Director or business owner requires that you have skills in leadership, entrepreneurship and understand that every decision you make could actually make or break your company in the future.

Our course provides participants with insights on how to be a good leader and how that the enterprise and entrepreneur are different. With this knowledge the participants will be able to set systems and procedures in place to ensure that the business can run smoothly without you and you can manage the transformation.

The course will also help learners ensure:
• That leaders in business transformation typically have a clearly articulated, well-understood business strategy so as to avoid bad decisions that will poorly translate into downstream and dilution of business value.
• Business owners will be prepared to continuously evolve through transformation.
• Business owners are able to recognize that the right program leaders and right talent will make or break the success of the transformation.

This course is made available between July and September, with reference to our events calendar on the exact dates.